Book Review: The Other Side of the Mirror By Lex H Jones.

Hi guys, here we are with the review of another amazing mystery novel by Lex H Jones. He is a growing author who specializes in horror, thriller, and mystery genres. Today we will tell you about his latest book- The Other Side of the Mirror. His other works include his first published novel ‘Nick and Abe’ and a collection of short horror stories. His current work is ‘Harkins’ book series, the first part being ‘The Final Casebook of Mortimer Grimm’ which is due for its release in end 2019. Also, he is working on a trilogy of children fiction books. The author has also written articles for horror websites the Gingernuts and the Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog. When not working on his writing, Lex proofreads and edits the works of other authors.

The book ‘The Other Side of the Mirror’ is a crime based novel which is centred around the professional and personal life of an honest, rugged, witty, and a not-so-social detective, Carl Duggan. The book starts with the scene where detective Duggan finds the corpse of a young girl in her teen, floating in the river, The Styx, the river which separates the two sides of The City. Being the first one to find the dead girl in the river, and a detective by profession, the case becomes his responsibility. The City is in much chaos and disorder and a dead body floating in the river doesn’t come as a surprise to the detective or any other person living in The City. Duggan solves the case with much ease but only to experience strange feelings and emotions. To unwind more hidden truths, with the help of his colleagues and a shooter, Charles, Duggan dives back into his past and succumbs in it. His efforts and intelligence solve the dirty cases of The City but reveal something unexpected about him too. 

The book was full of twists and turns; mysteries being solved only to start a new one. Lex H Jones has done a fabulous job in keeping the mysteries, cases, and the characters connected until the end. How the mysteries are solved and the truths are unfolded to the reader is a pat-on-the-back. I found the end of the book most captivating and full of eagerness; explaining every tiny detail and connecting all the loopholes in a crystal clear manner. On a scale of 10, I would give The Other Side of the Mirror a big 10 score for the characters, intensity, description, and juggles of the crime story. The Other Side of the Mirror written by Lex H Jones is highly recommended for the ones who are looking for a captivating read.

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The Other Side of the Mirror

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